St. Pius X "Green Team"



With The SPX
Gold and Blue

The St. Pius X "Green Team" has successfully launched the first stage of our recycling program
– paper recycling with the
ABITIBI Paper Retriever® Program!

We are now ready for the next stage - taking our cause to our local community!  Below, you will find a "Community Flier" which serves as an invitation to your family, friends, neighbors and local businesses to join us in our mission to Go Green

Please print out or email (the greener way to go) the "Community Flier" and distribute it to anyone that you know that might be willing to help us with our recycling project here at SPX. 

Please be sure to let people know that our environment and our school will benefit from every piece of paper recycled, so spread the word – the more paper we recycle the better!

Program Update:  The original "What Goes In The Bin" document has been updated to reflect an important change. 

Colored paper, construction paper and white core cardstock papers are now ACCEPTABLE recyling items!