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Staff Spotlight

Meet Mrs. Lisa Ruth


Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Ruth 

Mrs. Lisa RuthOur first Staff Spotlight is Mrs. Lisa Ruth, our new assistant principal. Mrs. Ruth and her husband, Rudy, reside in Gahanna, Ohio, where they raised their three children. Mrs. Ruth herself earned her Bachelor's in Education from Ohio Dominican University and attended Miami University (OH) for her Master’s Degree.

As a child, Mrs. Ruth dreamt of being a school teacher and helping others through her career. For many years, mentors encouraged her to take a position as an administrator. When the St. Pius Assistant Principal position was posted, she felt like her prayers had been answered. She finally heard the calling from the Lord, and although Mrs. Ruth knew that leaving St. Matthew was going to be difficult, she felt strongly called to the St. Pius open position. Her new journey at St. Pius X allows her to help an entire school, not just one class!

Mrs. Ruth’s favorite bible verse is Luke 12:48, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” This captures her willingness and passion to give back to others, especially loved ones. She and a friend started a day of service known as “Danny’s Day”. “Danny’s Day” is in honor of her friend’s son, who passed in a canoeing accident.

Mrs. Ruth’s favorite moment of the school year thus far has been the first day of school clap in. When asked, “What type of impact do you hope to have on St.Pius?”, she answered, “I know St.Pius is a great school, but I hope to help take it to the next level. I pray I have a positive impact on the entire community. I want our school to be a place where every student feels important; where every student recognizes and uses their God given gifts to the best of their abilities; where students are engaged and challenged with exceptional instruction; where students LOVE learning; and where students are inspired daily to be disciples of Christ.”


Fun Facts:

  • She enjoys watching reality TV shows, true crime documentaries, and most of all This is Us.

  • If she had to pick a favorite character from The Office, she would choose Michael Scott, the Scranton branch regional manager of Dunder Mifflin.

  • Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are a few of Mrs. Ruth’s role models. She admires their kindness to others.

  • Another idol of hers is Jesus.

  • She’d rather drink a worm than eat a bug, and chooses sweet over salty.

  • Mrs. Ruth thinks chocolate is superior to vanilla.

  • Let us tell you, Mrs. Ruth LOVES chocolate! Anything with chocolate and almonds or chocolate and peanut butter is an automatic winner in her book.

  • When she’s not eating sweets, her favorite home cooked meal is her mom’s wedding soup.

  • She would rather be out and about than stay at home all day.

  • She would love to travel to see Hawaii’s beautiful beaches and scenery. But for now she’s stuck at St. Pius (the best school).

  • She’d rather be hot than cold, which explains why she picked the beach over the mountains.

  • Possibly most importantly, she’s a dog person.

  • Her favorite flower are hygradanges.

  • Some of her favorite hobbies are reading, exercising, playing games like Words with Friends, and spending time with family and friends.

  • The oldest of her two daughters, Brianna, lives in Cincinnati with her husband Michael. Michael happens to be Mrs. Berger’s nephew. (Mrs. Berger is a 7th and 8th grade teacher.).


*Created and written by 8th graders- Morgan D. and Abby M.