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School Advisory Board

 School Advisory Board

      The School Advisory Board meets the third Tuesday of each month (September through May) at 7:00 pm. The meetings are open to parish members and parents of children receiving their education at St. Pius X School. The opportunity to attend and address the board shall be limited to those whose written request (made to the School Advisory Board President) has been approved for the agenda at least ten days prior to the meeting.
     The School Board consists of fourteen voting members. Twelve of the voting members shall be from St. Pius X and Seton parishes. These members are elected by their respective parishes. Members serve a three-year term. Members are expected to make a substantial commitment of time and energy to the School Advisory Board activities, including involvement on committees and regular meeting attendance. Additionally, one St. Pius School teacher, one Home and School and one Parish Council representative will serve on the School Advisory Board.
     The St. Pius X School Advisory Board shall function as a communications platform and an advisory role to the Principal and Pastor whose purpose is to only advise in decision-making, defining the school policies (i.e. planning, determining the budget and tuition rates, etc.). These policies will provide for an educational program, which combines the truth and values of the Catholic faith with academic excellence.

Board Members