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Chapter 4 Stations

Chapter 4 Lesson 1 Greek Culture

  1. Station 1 - Laptop / ipad Activities

Go to each of these pages and try the activity. When you finish the Greek god and goddesses fill in the blank, copy that to your notebook.

  1. Greek gods and goddesses fill in the blank activity:
  2. Greek terms matching:
  3. God and Heroes:
  1. Greek gods writing activity – can use iPads, In this activity, you will research the ‘god’ or ‘godess’ you have been assigned using the textbook, books provided in the classroom or internet searches, write 3-5 sentences about the god or godess that you were assigned, using facts from your research. This can be written in your notebook and labled Station 2. Make sure you site your source (ex. Write down the web site if using a web site or name of book and author).    
  2. Aesop’s Fables activity – read one of Aesop’s fables and write the title and moral in your notebook under the heading Station 3. (each person in the group needs to choose a different fable and read it to the group). iPads can be used for this too.
  3. Writers and Dramatists activity – Reveal notes on SMART board about the four writers whose work was popular during the Golden Age. Copies these in your notebook under the heading Station 4. See if your group can come up with a ‘fun’ way to remember these four and what they were known for.
  4. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, in your groups of four, two write the basics of the story of the Iliad and two write the basics of the story of the Odyssey under the heading Station 5 in your notebook. Yo 5-8 sentences and read them to each other. Use your book and/or internet resources (site resource).
  5. Vocabulary for Chapter 4 lesson 1 – Using the textbook (and/or the Reading Essentials Study Guide) write flashcards for the 8 vocabulary words for this lesson.