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First Grade  

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Reading Group Agenda

5-10 minutes-- Word Work- When we meet for group, we start by singing the phonics dance alphabet (September only) and then introduce new "hunks and chunks" that we will identify in the letter patterns we are studying for the week.  The students really are great word detectives!! We quickly learn that these hunks and chunks are discovered in our everyday reading.

10-15 minutes-- Read Aloud- We begin to practice reading the new "hunks and chunks" while reading a book together.  We also introduce and review new reading strategies as we read.

5-10 minutes-- Closure- Review and clean up.




5 Day Students- Book-in-a-bag is ALWAYS due on Fridays unless a note is sent home due to a short week. 

3 Day Students- Book-in-a-bag is ALWAYS due on Fridays unless a note is sent home due to a short week. 

Please write the date, book title and author on the form provided each week after you have read the book to, or with your child a minimum of 3 times.  Remember, your child will be more successful in their listening and reading comprehension if each book is read several times.



  • Phonics Dance Hunks and Chunks
    The Phonics Dance is in full motion!
    First Grade- alphabet dance and "hunks and chunks" dance  
    There are over 40 hunks and chunks.  Here are a few that we have been working on:
    1. SH        S-H sh, sh, sh      S-H sh, sh, sh (with finger over mouth shushing)
    2. CH        It's time for the chicken cha cha   C-H ch, ch, ch       C-H ch, ch, ch  (do the cha-cha)
    3. TH        This is a thorn and this is a thistle  
    T-H th, th, th (hard sound) T-H th, th, th (soft sound showing thumbs up)
    4. EA        You take a scaredy cat e and a scaredy cat a, put them together and what to they say    eeeeeeeeeeee
    5. EE        When you see a double e you say ee, it's a bumble bee party.   When you see a double e you say ee, it's a bumble bee party eeeeee    eeeeee
    6. AR        C-A-R   C-A-R stick your arm in a jar of stars. A-R ar ar ar    A-R ar ar ar (cover eye like a pirate) 
    7. AW       A-W aw, A-W aw, here's a paw, here's a paw, aw, aw, aw
    8. OW       O-W ow, O-W ow, there's a cow going down. D-O-W-N and that's the way you get down.
    9. _OW    But at the end of the word O-W says ow like in snow.
  • Book-in-a-bag
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