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Keyboarding for Kids Instructions

NOTE: A parent must be present the first time a student enters this program!

In order for a student to use this program they must have the following :


a.  Internet connected computer or iPad with an attached keyboard.
b.  School login  (your student knows this value)
c.  Know their personal password.
d.  Kitchen towel to cover the keyboard.
e.  Their "Successful Practice Homework Log."


  1. Use Chrome or FireFox Browser and go to
    If the program does not start, contact Ellsworth.  They want this program to work on your computer, so they have provided a troubleshooting link, "TECH SUPPORT."   This link is located at the top of the logon screen,   The contents of the link should help your resolve
       any problem.  Do not hesitate to call them, they are very helpful!

  2. Select your role:  Student
  3. School login: (your student has this recorded in their assignment book)
  4. The page will show a single button in the center of the page.  Select Keyboarding for Kids
  5. From the class list select your classroom and then your name.
  6. The program will ask for your password.  This is the password that your student uses for Renaissance Learning.
  7. The student should then go to the "Lesson Menu" and continue working on the lesson that he/she was previously working on.
  8. Whenever your student practices, your student must cover their keyboard with a towel so that he/she cannot see the keys or fingers.
  9. Students must keep their fingers on the homerow while practicing.  They must hit the keys with the correct fingers and then always return to the homerow.

  10. Since keyboarding is a skill, it needs to be practiced regularly.  All students should practice at least 5 days a week.  Everyday is ideal!
    The following list is the amount of practice time for your student.  The amount of time varies according to the grade and skill of the student.  
                                                      third grade                      5-10 minutes per session
                                                      fourth grade                  15-20 minutes per session
                                                      fifth grade                     15-20 minutes per session
                                                      sixth grade                    15-20 minutes per session

  11.  The student must use the "Sucessful Practice Log" whenever they practice so that he/she can keep track of the number of sucessful efforts and the lesson and line that they are working on.  The program only asks for three sucessful efforts per line, I ask for five to eight sucessful efforts per line so that the student can have a good opportunity to develop their skill.
  12. I have reminded your student that whenever they practice, they must observe the "good practice habit,"  
    Remember ...
    Practice does not make perfect,
    practice makes permanent.   Your student can teach themselves bad habits that are very hard to break.


updated 9/9/2017